Terms of sale

1. The action of the general sales conditions

1.1 Terms and conditions do not disagree with the basic requirements and standards of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. In the absence of adequate information in the General Conditions,  they are complemented and operated, based on the rule of law.

1.2 In addition to the General Conditions  the relationship between the Client and Differo Trade OU are regulated on the basis of the price list that is installed Differo Trade OU, and existing good practices

1.3 Differo Trade OU reserves the unilateral right to change the Terms and Conditions and the price list of products offered in the event that these changes will be needed in order to improve performance, enhance competitiveness, further development and restructuring, as well as expanding the range of services and goods

1.4 Changes and additions to the price list and conditions shall take effect from the date of publication on the page www.differo.ee

1.5 Product images on the page can be illustrative, in this case it was said in the information about the product

1.6 Differo Trade OU and the client wishes to make the sale through online magazin www.differo.ee based on the General Conditions set out in this document. Making payment in a furniture store www.differo.ee  the Customer confirms that he is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions and he  agrees with them


2. Pricelist WWW.DIFFERO.EE

2.1 The prices of goods sold in the furniture store Living.ee are in Euro excluding transportation costs and include VAT 20%.

2.2 The cost of delivery is indicated in the shopping cart after you select your shipping method

2.3 Shipping cost depends on the price of purchased goods / baskets (see transport) and is 3-40 €. This amount is reflected in the shopping cart, the order phase and issued to customers of the offer

2.4 If the client wants him to deliver the goods to a different address, it is necessary to make various orders and pay for the shipping on the additional addresses to the issued commercial offer



3. Registration and payment orders

3.1 Customer shopping is created after clicking “Add to Cart

3.2 To place an order, you must be within the basket click “Go to registration” and then fill in the required fields in the form provided. To complete your order, and send it to Differo Trade OU in the last block to order click on the button agree to the terms and place an order, “after analyzing the condition” Read all the terms of delivery and payment.

3.3 To pay for the order customer can choose the appropriate method of payment (see Payment

           transfer to a bank account - to confirm the order, the customer makes an advance payment 100% of the order on the basis of the offer received no later than the deadline specified in the invitation

           • Cash – The customer pays the goods cash on delivery the goods to the address provided on the basis of accounts and petty cash receipts. Payments made ​​to the courier delivered the goods. (The service is available at the delivery address in Tallinn).

3.4 Before clicking the “I agree to the terms and place an order,” the client can make changes to your order.

3.5 The client can not make changes to orders placed. To make changes in order to appeal to the customer service department Differo Trade by phone +372 6566 305 or by e-mail sales@differo.ee

3.6 Purchase and Sale Agreement shall enter into force, ie placed the order go to work after the client in the absence of other arrangements contributes to the bank account Differo Trade OU pay 100% of the order specified for payment in the confirmation of order / in the resulting

3.7 The contract of sale of goods on a “cash” goes to work immediately.

3.8 When ordering, customer selects the appropriate delivery method it

                 • The service printout commodity itself” – for pre-paid at 100% size of customer orders can come to the warehouse Differo Trade OU at Paldiski mnt.77, Tallinn

                 • Service “Delivery by Seller” carried out by transport of the seller or transport on the order of, and dostavlyutsya to the outer door of this address when placing an order. Product is added to the price of shipping cost according to the current price list;

The rise on the floor or the assembly of the goods agreed in advance with the seller before delivery via these channels of communication. When the wishes advised to specify it in the comments when ordering. With this price list can be found in “Prices: the rise on the floor and assembly


4. Delivery and transfer of goods

4.1 Ordered goods are delivered to the place of disassembled or assembled, according to the order as indicated in the information about the product, if necessary, you can get information from the seller

4.2 Delivery time is 1-2 weeks (usually 10-12 days) for customers outside the city of Tallinn and within 1 week (usually 3-5 days) for customers within the city of Tallinn. In exceptional cases, the delivery time to add public holidays that fell on the period of time of delivery.

4.3 Differo Trade OU undertakes to inform the client about changes in delivery time as soon as possible after receiving inform

4.4 After the goods are ready for shipment, the goods is sent to express companies (or    is sent their own transport) and delivered to the customer at a pre-agreed time at the address specified in the order. To do this, the seller will contact the customer at the specified client channels.

4.5 Couriers deliver the goods at the address specified in the order. If you changed the delivery address or a pre-specified time delivery Customer must notify Differo Trade immediately before the time of delivery.

4.6 If ordering customer as a way to deliver the service “I’ll pick up goods themselves”, the client agrees to the time of his arrival transport for which the seller would have had time to prepare the goods for loading


4.7 From the accuracy and correctness of the completed Client data depends on how quickly and smoothly will be delivered to the Client purchased goods, and preventing additional costs of shipping. Differo Trade and courier companies are not responsible for the delay in delivery and possible misunderstandings in the event that these delays and misunderstandings are the result of incorrect registration of the order by the Customer.

4.8 Goods are delivered to the Client on the basis of supporting documents. Before accepting the goods and confirm the receipt of goods by signing the accompanying documents, should carefully examine the packaging o. If there is visible damage it is recommended not to take goods. By putting his signature on the accompanying document, the Customer confirms that at the time the goods were not damaged in packaging or was in a satisfactory condition (damaged goods)

4.9 Goods in damaged packaging (in case it is clear that under the package the goods are damaged, or there is any doubt on this score), we suggest you return back to the courier and report the problem to the e-mail address sales@differo.ee either by phone +372 6 566305

4.10 If the contract provides for delivery of the goods, but the obligation to deliver the goods to the Customer is not obligation of Differo Trade, then the obligation to transfer the goods to the Customer is complete at the time of transfer of the goods to the carrier / courier who must deliver the goods to the destination client


5. Cancellations and Returns

5.1 If ordered from the online store the goods will not like or will not meet customer expectations, then he has the right to return goods within 14 days of its receipt (this rule only applies to the buyer-individual).

5.2 The returned goods must be unused and in original packaging. Application for cancellation of the order and return the goods is received in writing by e-mail sales@differo.ee or mailing address within a specified period of time (14 days).

5.3 The 5request must specify the number of order / account number

5.4 The money for cancellation (except for shipping costs.) Via bank transfer within 30 days from the date of the relevant application, provided that this period of time the merchandise is returned to the warehouse.

5.5 Differo Trade OU bears the cost of returning the goods if the goods were damaged in transit or defects or  the marriage was not possible to detect by visual inspection of package, but only after its opening, or if the product does not meet the request

5.6 If the returned item is damaged due to improper operation of the goods by the Customer,of alteration, improper installation and removal, and also because of the neglect to product, Differo Trade OU reserves the right to review and recalculate the value of the merchandise returned, based on the degree of damage. In this case, the difference between the amount paid for the goods and reduce the cost of the damaged items. If the Customer does not agree  with a decrease in the value of the goods, he is entitled to use the report of the independent expert


5.7 If the client loses interest to the ordered goods  by reason of delay in delivery, he has the right to cancel the order. Advance payment will be refunded to the bank account within 30 days after receipt of the relevant application from the Client’s e-mail address sales@differo.ee


6.Time and procedure forof the claims

 6.1 In accordance with the Law of Obligations Act, Client Differo Trade has right to bring a claim within two years from the date of receipt of goods. During the first six months it is assumed that there was a flaw in the goods during the time   of sale (although he was later discovered in the course of use). Differo Trade OU as the seller must determine the nature of flaw

6.2 If defects are found   Cllent must  inform  about the problem in a statement by e-mail sales@differo.ee  The request must specify the          

• account number / proposals;

• client’s name and contact details;

• defect information (where and when a defect is discovered or, if possible photo, where clearly visible defect goods).

The corresponding statement must be provided no later than 2 months after discovery of the defect. Failure to comply with this deadline without good cause customer has no right to demand from Differo Trade  replacement  of part  or free replacement of full goods

6.3 Differo Trade shall provide a written response to a complaint by the Client within 15 days of the claim

6.4 If it is a manufacturing defect, the Customer shall have the right to require repair the goods if possible and if it does not entail a comparison with other methods of redress unreasonable expense or unreasonable inconvenience to Differo Trade.

It is necessary to take into account, among other things, the cost of goods, materiality problem one of its terms and conditions and enables clients to conform with contractual goods elsewhere without any significant inconvenience

6.5 In the case of replacement of the defective goods / parts Differo Trade OU has the right to demand the return of the defective goods / items. Differo Trade OU bear the cost of repair or replacement of defective goods / partsIf a customer requires a reasonably repairing things and Differo Trade OU does not exercise it within a reasonable time, the customer has the right to repair the item itself or to order its repair and to require from Differo Trade OU compensation related costs within reasonable lim

6.6 The client has the right to request a refund only if the replacement or a reasonable time after issuing the claim or if the replacement or repair of the goods / parts entail unreasonable inconvenience to the client

6.7 Differo Trade OU is not responsible for:
• damage to the goods caused by the fault or negligence of the Client;
• defects arising from the use of the product outside of unassigned;
• Product normal wear and tear under normal use


7. Liability and Force Majeure

7.1 In case of violation of the items of the General Conditions Differo Trade OU liable to the Client, based on the cases and to the extent the legislation of the Republic of Estonia

7.2 Parties are not responsible for the complete or partial failure to fulfill the undertaken in accordance with the General Conditions of the obligations, if any, was caused by force majeure, namely, natural disasters, epidemics, explosions, fires and other emergencies, if these circumstances directly affect the performance of general Conditions.

7.3 Differo Trade OU does not compensate for moral damage, which in the opinion of the Client may occur when you change the delivery time, price and other conditions under the current General Conditions of Sale.

Client to third parties took over and violated obligations that may come

7.4 Differo Trade OU does not compensate for the potential costs to the Client in the event that a conflict with the main points of the General Conditions of Sale.

7.5 Differo Trade OU does not compensate the Client untapped opportunities created by changing delivery dates, prices, and other conditions associated with changes in the General Conditions of Sale.


8. Other terms and conditions

8.1 Differo Trade OU uses the Customer’s personal data only to fulfill the order. Differo Trade OU does not disclose personal data of the Client to third parties, except as required by law.

 8.2 Questions that are not subject to regulation under the General Terms and Conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia on the original intentions Differo Trade OU and Client

8.3 Disputes and differences arising in the course of the General Conditions of Sale shall be resolved through negotiations.. If the dispute can not be resolved by reaching a compromise, each party has the right to defend their rights in order the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia (referring to the Department of Consumer Protection or a court)